A 501(C)(3) Organization

since 1983


Conversation. Combating negativity begins with positive conversation...

Diverse cultures, diverse ages, diverse economic status...

Fathers & Sons Speak-Out and Mothers & Daughters Speak-Out are a series of open-forum events designed to address the issues that the youth in our communities face. The goal of each installment is to find and begin to implement actionable and sustainable solutions that will lead to change and the solving of these problems, one individual at a time. Politicians, business leaders, community activists, law enforcement, and educators were all brought together to discuss a broad range of social ills from the rates of violence and homicide among the inner-city youth to high school drop-out rates and teen pregnancy.

The Speak-Out sessions hosted a wide range of speakers, including Dauphin County Commissioner George P. Hartwick III, Executive Director of Bethesda Mission Chuck Wingate, Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick, Program Director of the Camp Curtain YMCA Kyla Crawford, News Anchor Valerie Pritchett, and Dauphin County Systems of Care Coordinator Helen Spence.

From these forums has developed the beginnings of a network and collaboration of local organizations entitled “Links to Change”, an open-forum & referral outreach service to address these same societal issues on a daily basis. Links to Change is a simple way to keep the conversation going.

Words from those impacted...

"The event made a great positive impact and provided a good start towards progress on a very important but difficult issue. Thank you for your efforts..."
-Chuck Wingate- Executive Director Bethesda Mission

"My life was “forever changed” afterwards. It will change the way I view my own ministry which reaches out to young ladies."
-Bonita M. Rinehart I