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The DJ/Producers Youth Summit was held at the Boy and Girls Club in Harrisburg, PA. It was a unique opportunity mixed with fun and excitement for students to explore their digital tastes in music creation. Students interacted with DJs and Producers as they shared technical training in music production and DJing. Two students were awarded with their own full production studios.

Featured panelists, including the acoomplished as well as the young up and coming, were as follows: Dennis "Aganee" Jenkins, B. Malley, D.J. Godfather, D.J. Alf Dawg, Jon Hart, Selara "Underrated" Mann, III, and "Elias". The event was hosted by Selara "AMMP" Mann, for Infinite Creativity.

The speakers and facilitators shared the impact their artistry has had on their lives and encouraged the youth present toward positive alternatives to the streets. The DJ/Producers Summit also exposed students to alternative careers in the music industry including producing, entertainment, artist management, and live DJing.

Words from those impacted...

"Event was awesome!!!!"
-Al Hudson, Jr.