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While the majority of the events and activities include an element to draw, entertain, and mentor our youth, the youth initiative specifically revolves around personal mentorship and events designed to promote diversity and education. The concept involves utilizing positive outlets for expression, sportsmanship, and cooperation.

Through-out the years, events have varied to provide a myriad of experinces otherwise outside of the reach of so many young people in our surrounding communities. In past years, a deep sea fishing trip has been offered to the youth at no cost to them, with the mentors providing transportation. The endeavor took the attendees beyond the city limits to the vast expanse of the Chesapeake Bay, providing a learning experience for those who have never gone fishing and encouraging stronger relational bonds. In the Summer of 2015, the youth took an all-expenses paid trip to Dorney Park with transportation and lunch provided. For many, it will be the only outing of its kind for the entirety of the summer. New friendships were formed and hopefully the laughter and the positivity found that day becomes addictive as they journey into adulthood and make choices in direction. Events have also included basketball pick-up tournaments, hiking trips, picnics, etc.

The youth are also encouraged to participate in various community outreach functions from raising funds for various non-profits to singing and performing on stage. Friday Night Live was developed to feature youth talent and offer a non-judgmental forum for expression. It has proven to be a welcome outlet for kids of all ages.

Words from those impacted...

"We appreciate what your ministry is doing to help the youth in the community through inspirational concerts and positive outings because that is what gives the officers at the Harrisburg Police less gray hairs."
-Officer Matthew Novchich, City of Harrisburg Police

"We've been at several of your ministry's other community outreach and youth events and feel you're doing some real good things in the community, which we would like to partner with you on in the future!
-Mike at BringingTruth.com